How much does a good mountain bike cost?

How much money do you have to spend to get a good MTB? We are on the lookout for affordable pricing of MTB´s.

Hardtail or Fully: advantages and disadvantages of both systems

You want to buy a mountain bike, but have no idea whether you need a fully or a hardtail? We explain the difference between fullys and hardtails and tell you what you need.

Which bike suits me and my needs?

Spoiled for choice: Should it be a trail bike, an enduro bike or rather an all-mountain? There are so many different types of mountain bikes out there. It can easily confuse the hell out of you when trying to buy a bike. We tell you where the differences are and which bike really suits you and your needs.

MTB Hardtail: the perfect mountain bike for beginners

Cheap MTB hardtails are often called entry-level mountain bikes. They cost little and are robust. This qualifies hardtails under 1500 € to be the perfect mountain bike for beginners.

What mountain bike frame size do I need?

Once you have found your dream mountain bike, there is still one pressing question: Which mountain bike frame size do you need? Choosing the right frame size ultimately determines how much fun you will have with your new MTB. That’s why you should take some time when determining the correct frame size.

Better than expected: Entry-level fullys under 2000 €

We have tested 32 cheap fullys under 2000 €. The result: These cheap, full-suspension mountain bikes are better than their reputation!

Understanding bicycle geometry

Anyone who deals with bicycles is quickly overwhelmed by the technical jargon of the industry. We explain the most important geometry data and measurements of modern bicycles in understandable language. We also reveal which geometry dimension influences the riding behavior and how.

Light touring fullys – the best downcountry bikes 2023

Downcountry mountain bikes are the latest trend in the constantly evolving mountain bike industry. The term “downcountry” refers to lightweight, sporty touring full-suspension bikes with 120 millimeters of travel.

Trailhardtails – the cheaper option to expensive enduro bikes

Robust, affordable, cool. Trail hardtails allow riding fun on enduro trails at affordable prices.

Cross Country Bikes – the fastest mountain bikes in the world

Light, fast, sexy! Cross country (or XC) bikes are the purest of all mountain bikes. And that’s exactly why these race bikes are surrounded by a magical aura.