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The bike-test.com team

bike-test.com team

We are a young start-up company with a clearly formulated mission:

"We want to help all the people in the world
- as simple and as quickly as possible -
to find the best bike for them."

Only one question remains: Who are we and why do we know bikes?

Ludwig Döhl would like to make your search for your personal dream bike as easy as possible.
The knowledge of this website is not only based on driving impressions from practice, but also on the reading of professional magazines and some technical literature.

Ludwig Döhl – the head behind bike-test.com

I am Ludwig Döhl and I started this website for one simple reason: I want to help you have more fun with the best bike for you. Why is this such a big concern for me? Every time I get on a bike myself, it pulls the corners of my mouth up. Mountain bikes are therefore not only a means of transport or sports equipment for me they are my passion. And I would like to convey this passion for bikes to as many people as possible. Since I myself rode a mountain bike over trails for the first time in 2001, mountain biking has extremely enriched my life. And I believe the right mountain bike can enrich your life too.

Mechanic, racer and journalist – always in the service of the bike

I spent my entire youth on the mountain bike race tracks of Europe. After several races in the Cross Country Bundesliga, I even qualified several times for the Cross Country World Cups (U23) in Offenburg, Albstadt, Val di Sole and Nove Mesto. That was an amazing time! When I wasn’t on the bike, I hung out at the local bike store fixing bikes. At 22, I switched bike genres and financed my studies with a contract as a pro, for the first professional enduro MTB team in the world. In addition to several international races and even some entries in the Enduro World Series, I also did more and more test rides for BIKE magazine at that time. After more than 300 races in various disciplines, I ended my sporting career and immediately started working for BIKE magazine, the oldest and largest mountain bike magazine in Europe. In the almost 15 years that I worked for BIKE (first as a test rider, then as an editor), I rode almost 1,000 different bikes. This allowed me to acquire an extremely extensive and, above all, in-depth knowledge of the sport and its material. Most recently, as deputy editor-in-chief of Europe’s largest mountain bike magazine, I was not only able to accompany the technical development, but in some respects even shape it.

My experience is based on over 100,000 kilometers in the saddle

This website is the concentrate of my knowledge, which I have acquired over the years on the race tracks, trails, test tracks and in the bike stores of this world. It is the concentrated know-how of 20 years of cycling. The experience gained from well over 100,000 kilometers in the saddle of mountain bikes flows into the innovative bike evaluation of bike-test.com. I am deeply convinced that the bicycle is not only an excellent piece of sports equipment and an important building block in the mobility revolution. I even believe that the bicycle has the power to make this world a better place. And with this website I want to do my part to help you have more fun on a bike that fits you perfectly.

And why do you always talk about WE?

We collected, processed and evaluated over 1500 bikes in the first year in a revolutionary and unprecedented way. It’s clear that you can’t do all this work without help. Soon we will introduce you to the team responsible for the technical development of the website, the database and the data analysis. And of course, before the first go-live, there was a big test phase with all friends and acquaintances. THANK YOU for your help!


Ludwig riding and racing bikes all over the world

Pictures of a life on two wheels

You can trust us: We know what we talking about, as we spent more time on differnet bikes in differenet conditions worldwide than most people.  

You love bikes? We love you!

Are you a bike geek and bored of your current job? It doesn’t have to be. We have plenty of work and look forward to receiving your speculative application. Just send us an email (ludwig (at) bike-test.com) with your annual mileage on the bike and skills you can use to help us fulfill our mission.

We are a purpose and spirit driven company and this are our values

Our bike tests are comprehensive, easy to understand and always formulated from a biker’s point of view. We assume that every cyclist has different preferences when buying a bike, which is why we also work out other criteria in our bike tests in addition to purely evaluating the equipment. Our filter function is easy to understand and is designed to allow each user to sort bikes according to their personal preferences in order to make an informed buying decision. Are you missing a filter in our selection? Then let us know.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small specialist forge or the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world. We evaluate every product according to the same criteria and standards. Our data-based evaluation leaves no room for personal preferences of test drivers or buddy deals. We believe that every bike has its place in the market and we see it as our job to match the right rider with the right bike.

Our offer is intended to provide you with the best possible information before buying a bike. But we don’t want to persuade you to buy a particular bike. You alone decide which bike you like, which purchase criteria are important to you or whether you want to buy your bike on the Internet or in a bike shop. We’re just helping you make your decision as easy as possible.

What is often just a phrase is lived by us. We do not want to burden our planet unnecessarily and run our servers and computers on green electricity. We run a paperless office and don’t have a company car, but try to travel by train or bike as much as possible.

We talk a lot about bikes. But we only talk when we have the knowledge. If we don’t know something or don’t have the necessary information to evaluate a bike, we simply don’t evaluate it. We are a professional media and work the way we have learned to work as a journalist.

About Ludwig

Ludwig Döhl is known as fulltime bike nerd. He is riding, racing and working on bikes for over 20 years. He grew up screwing in bikeshops and racing the european cross country worldcups. With getting older he managed to live as enduro-mtb pro racer, before he was working as deputy editor in chief for BIKE - europe´s biggest bike magazine. Now he is trying to get even more people excited about a lifestyle on two wheels with this website. His knowledge about bikes depends on over 100.000 km in the saddles of over 800 different bikes he rode in the last decade. Having any question for Ludwig? Just drop it down in the comments and he will answer as soon as he is back from his ride.