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we just started our mission - but there is more to come

Have you ever seen a sad human a bike? We neither, and thats why we believe that bicycles have the power to make the world a better place to life. To make this change happen, we like to help every person on this planet to find the perfect fitting bikes for it´s individuall needs! This is our clear misson statement. But what sound very easy means that there is a lot of work ahead of us. Our first go live in BETA version ist just a few days ago (November 2021). So don´t wonder that there are no product pictures for the bikes jet and there might be some bucks to fix. But we just wantet to start and that is why we took a closer look at nearly 600 mountainbikes. You can be sure that we are hardly working in our office to rate more mountainbikes, e-bikes, roadbikes, citybikes, kidsbikes… for you. Just give us a little bit more time until we skip the BETA version of this website and we will present you a wider product range and even more functions to help you to enjoy your ride. Sign to our newsletter in the footer section and we´ll keep you informed as soon as the magic is happening.