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Fox is working on a new 34er fork

New Fox 34 suspension fork for racers on the way

Just Rock Shox has relaunched its SID and SID SL fork, now Fox in the field of race forks is obviously following suit. At the world championships in Glasgow and at the legendary Leadville 100 race in America was undoubtedly spotted a new Fox 34 from the RAD (Racing And Development) program of Fox. The bridge of the casting runs thereby for the first time behind the standpipes.
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Fox and Rock Shox are undoubtedly the big top dogs when it comes to mountain bike suspensions. While Fox wants to place itself with golden standpipes and whopping prices as an absolute premium supplier in the market, Rock Shox tries to score with somewhat more attractive prices and innovative “beacon” such as the electronic Flight Attendend suspension. The two American manufacturers give each other nothing, in the fight for market share. Thus, it was almost clear that Fox follows the launch of the new Rock SID models in June a counteroffensive. The 34 prototype fork from the RAD program seems to be close to series status and has already been driven by selected Fox athletes in competition. Official information from the manufacturer on the new fork, however, there is not yet. Neither price nor the official sales start have been communicated so far on the part of Fox.
Rock Shox Sid
The 120 version of the current Rock Shox Sid scores especially with its 35er standpipes. This makes it one of the stiffest forks in the cross country segment. In practice, it has a high steering precision. More info in our Rose PDQ test.
Rock Shox SID SL
The new Rock Shox Sid SL has been put on a diet again in the 100 millimeter version. The top model (Ultimate) is with 1500 grams the lightest cross country fork on the market. More info in our Cervelo ZFS 5 test.

Casting bridge is behind stanchions for first time on new Fox fork

The most striking detail of the prototype fork is that fork crown is no longer in front of the stanchions, but behind them. So far this design was only with Manitou forks in use. The reason why no other manufacturer relied on this design is obvious. The Americans from Manitou had patented this design. But this patent expired in 2021 and obviously this design actually has design advantages. Even if forks like the Manitou R-Seven have significantly less distribution in the market than the models from Fox and Rock Shox, these forks shines in one point. With their design, they outshine all other competitors in terms of stiffness. And thus delivers the design the perfect template for the improvement of the current Fox 32 SC or Fox 34 SC forks. Because the stiffness is currently the biggest point of criticism of these forks. The torsion when steering and braking is currently the biggest weakness compared to the Rock Shox models. The new design could fix exactly this weak point. Subscribe to the newsletter in the footer and stay up to date as soon as there is news about this fork. If you’re seriously considering getting a new race bike for the marathon season, here’s a complete buying guide with the best 2023 models.
Fox 32 SC
The current Fox 32 SC has revolutionized the market with radically low weight for 29er forks over 5 years ago. Now Fox obviously responds with a new race fork to the increasingly Abfahrt-potenteren race bikes. Fox’s SC models have recently failed to meet the downcountry trend 100%. More info in our Trek Procaliber test.
Fox 32 SC field test
In practice test, however, it became clear again and again that this fork, especially compared to the Rock Shox SID and SID SL was significantly more susceptible to twisting. Especially heavier drivers get to feel this weak point.

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