more descent-hungry than ever
Best all mountain bikes 2023

More descent-hungry than ever: the best all mountain bikes 2023

If you have routinely purchased enduro MTB´s until now, maybe you should look out for an all-mountain bike in 2023.
All Mountain Bike Comparison
Enduro mountain bikes are becoming increasingly downhill-oriented. And that means they are also heavier. Even high-priced current enduro MTBs usually weigh over 15 kilos. On mountain bike tours on your home trails, you feel the weight of these bikes on every small climb. And often the trails in lower mountain ranges are still too tame to feel the full potentail of current enduros when descending. In most cases, you are overpowered with an enduro bike. But that’s no reason to worry. Current all-mountain bikes fill the gap left by enduros as former all-rounders perfectly. With solid suspension of 150 millimeters of travel, telescopic seatposts and modern geometries, current all-mountain MTBs are at their best downhill. As true trail machines, they are slowly but surely outrunning enduro mountain bikes.

Continous progress – why modern all-mountain bikes ride so well

All Mountain MTBs were never the celebrities among mountain bikes. Somehow, the downhill-heavy touring fullys always had an unadventurous image. For alpine crossings, they were too heavy and in the single trail, the capabilities were too limited. All-mountain bikes were always the in-betweens. But, 29er wheels and a more powerful chassis were the game changer in recent years for all-mountain bikes. Because with better rolling resistance of the wheels, mixed with the stiff forks from Fox (36) or Rock Shox (Lyrik), as well as modern geometries, all-mountain bikes became real trail shredders that are really fun to ride. The minimally lower suspension travel (in comparison) to the enduros is compensated with the downhill-heavier orientation and modern technology. Our experience during test rides shows again and again: A current all-mountain rides better downhill than a 3-year-old enduro. The touring-heavy trail bikes distinguish themselves from the all-mountain bikes primarily by suspension forks with thinner standpipes, less travel, shocks without reservoirs and slimmer tires. You can find a detailed buying guide for trail bikes here.  

Features of all-mountain bikes:

  • 150 millimeters of suspension travel at the fork
  • 36 or 35 millimeter stanchions on the fork
  • telescopic post
  • geometry with flat steering angle and long reach
  • tires with a thick profile
All Mountain MTB Action
Modern all-mountain bikes with 150 millimeters of suspension travel make the downhill really fun.
Mountain bike with 150 millimeters of travel
Even in alpine terrain, you can travel confidently with an all-mountain.

What can you do with an all mountain bike?

Honestly: Quite a lot! Bikes like the Specialized Stumpjumper, the Giant Trance X or Propain Hugene do not shy away from the occasional bike park use, nor an enduro race. Although these bikes can still improve to some extent up the hill, they bristle with confidence on the descent. The usually very solid chassis and the often smooth-running geometries do not get out of control even at high speed downhills. Medium-distance jumps are just as possible as extremely chunky and technical descents. We can summarize: The downhill is a real joy! But the solid equipment of modern all-mountain bikes is of course reflected on the scale. As a rule of thumb, all-mountain bikes usually weigh over 14 kilos. This allows long climbs to be conquered, but a little sweat is sure to flow on the way to the summit. For crossing the alps, you are usually better equipped with a trail bike. So in order to better estimate the weight of an all-mountain bike, we have prepared a weight table for you here. The weight table is based on data we have collected after a complete analysis of the market.
Propain Hugene Test
The Propain Hugene is with 150 millimeters of travel a classic representative of the all-mountain category.
Rear suspension system full suspension mountain bike
The sophisticated kinematics of the rear triangle, a shock absorber with reserves and a 4-piston brake system provide a lot of fun, even in extreme terrain. In many cases, an all-mountain bike is even more fun than an enduro due to its lower weight.

Good all mountain bikes under 3000 €

Unlike other magazines and websites, offers you a complete market overview of the available all-mountain models. Our innovative test system does not make a preselection, but searches for your dream bike that is tailored to your needs. In the model year 2023, we have analyzed over 300 different all-mountain bikes. The good news is, that companies like Canyon, Radon, Ghost and YT already have very good offers for under 3000 €. As always, the sky is the limit when it comes to pricing. Some models like the Specialized Stumpjumper S-Works cost at times over 10000 €. In this article we give you an overview of how much bike you can expect for your budget.

Here we have the quicklinks to the best all mountain bikes 2023 in the different price ranges:

The best all mountain bikes under 3000 €

Canyon managed in the price range under 3000 € to bring a carbon frame to the start. But also the other models of YT and Ghost leave a coherent impression. Even if there is still tuning potential in the circuit and chassis. all All Mountain Bikes under 3000 €

The best all mountain bikes under 4500 €

The German direct mailers YT, Radon and Canyon dominate this market segment, with extremely pointedly calculated models. In this price range, the carbon frame is almost stadard. The chassis also rank at a very high level. all All Mountain Bikes under 4500 €

The best all mountain bikes under 6000 €

Also in the price range up to 6000 € the direct mailers remain with their first-class price / performance on the trigger. Propain puts with the Hugene a bike of the extra class on the wheels. But also the Spaniards from Orbea know how to build a good all-mountain. all All Mountain Bikes under 6000 €

The best all mountain bikes under 8000 €

In this price range, the technical gadgets begin. The bikes from Canyon and Giant are equipped with an electronic chassis. All manufacturers also already reach for the top shelf when it comes to gears and brakes. all All Mountain Bikes under 8000 €

The best all mountain bikes for 8000 € and more

Who does not have to look at the coal when buying a trail bike, has the choice between super light carbon bikes of the most exclusive brands. The bikes from Specialized and Pivot have so far made every biker happy. For most, however, bikes in this price range will remain dreams.  all All Mountain Bikes above 8000 €   For Fullys under 2000 € we have a separate article with the best offers of the 2023 season.  


“All mountain bikes are the new enduros. Powerful chassis, modern geometries and predominantly installed 29er wheels make current all mountains real fun in the downhill. Even an enduro race or occasional bike park use are possible with these bikes. On trails in low mountain ranges but also in alpine terrain, these bikes make a good impression. Long climbs remain conquerable. However, the high weight demands a good fitness level from the rider.”
In this article, author Ludwig Döhl has incorporated his experience from over 100,000 kilometers in the mountain bike saddle.

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