Which bike suits me and my needs?

Spoiled for choice: Should it be a trail bike, an enduro bike or rather an all-mountain? There are so many different types of mountain bikes out there. It can easily confuse the hell out of you when trying to buy a bike. We tell you where the differences are and which bike really suits you and your needs.

What mountain bike frame size do I need?

Once you have found your dream mountain bike, there is still one pressing question: Which mountain bike frame size do you need? Choosing the right frame size ultimately determines how much fun you will have with your new MTB. That’s why you should take some time when determining the correct frame size.

This is how we test mountain bikes

Mountain bike tests need to become more objective, comprehensive and detailed. That’s why we founded bike-test.com. The only platform that looks at ALL bikes available on the market with an innovative testing system.

The bike-test.com team

We are a young start-up company with a clearly formulated mission:
We want to help all the people in the world to find the best bike for them.
Only one question remains: Who are we and why do we know bikes?