Canyon Neuron 2023 – the mountain bike classic gets a new look

Canyon prescribes a rejuvenation for its entire Neuron platform. We not only tested the most exciting bikes of the 2023 lineup, but also compared the aluminum versus the carbon version and differentiated the bike from the Spectral 125.

Rockrider AM 100 S: Worth buying?

Many bikers are looking for a good fully for less than €2000. But are inexpensive fullys fun at all, or do they only bring trouble? We subjected the Rockrider AM 100 S, the king of this price range, to an extensive practical test.

Rose Bonero Trailhardtail – Worth buying?

If you want to shred trails on a budget, you can’t avoid trailhardtails when deciding to buy a new mountain bike. The Rose Bonero from Germany is one of the most exciting bikes in this class. We unpacked the video camera and took a close look at the bike.

Trailhardtails – the cheaper option to expensive enduro bikes

Robust, affordable, cool. Trail hardtails allow riding fun on enduro trails at affordable prices.

Trail bikes – the best all-rounder mountain bikes of the 2023 season

Trail bikes are the perfect mountain bikes for MTB tours or alpine crossings. Our test shows the best trail bike of the model year 2023.