How capable are the new fullys from Cube?

Cube Stereo One – How capable are the new fullys from Cube?

New fullys by Cube: The Stereo One44, Stereo One55 & Stereo One77

At the start of the season, Cube is presenting three new fully models. The Stereo One44 will serve the All Mountain sector from 2023. The Stereo One55 and Stereo One77 models should primarily appeal to enduro riders. The only question that remains is: Can the new Cube fullys shred?
The new Cube Stereo One Fullys for 2023
Fireworks, party and fanfare: Impressive presentations are part of the game in the bike industry. When a big player like Cube quietly puts mountain bikes for 2023 on its website at the end of 2022, this was a little unexpected. When looking at the sales figures of the last two years, the bicycle industry was undoubtedly a beneficiary of the corona crisis. But when one of the biggest bike manufacturers in the world does a presentation without any spectacle, of course there are rumours: maybe the good years are over? A detailed look at Cube’s 2023 mountain bikes in December 2022 also suggested this. Because, apart from color accents, only the price had changed compared to the previous year’s models. It’s not just at Cube that, due to inflation, prices have increased by around 10% compared to the previous year. And while some bikers might already be sighing in disappointment, the Bavarians could still have an ace up their sleeve. So might they be downplaying the Stereo One series on purpose? Either way, let’s take a look at the new Cube Stereo One44, Stereo One55 and One77 models for 2023.

Stereo One: new model name symbolises a new development at Cube

The Stereo One fullys are not just about a model update with new equipment. For the mountain bike model year 2023, the Bavarian manufacturer is finally bringing long-awaited new developments to its fully range. The old Stereo 140 has been on the market since 2018 with an unchanged frame. With 27.5 inch wheels and compact geometry, the fame that Greg Callaghan achieved with his former Enduro World Series victory on this bike, has faded over time. After a life cycle of 5 years, an update was more than overdue. With the YT Izzo and the Canyon Neuron, even the closest competitors already have this type of bike on the market for a few years. It may well be that the Stereo One44 Cube will launch a new wave of innovations in the suspension travel class around 140 millimeters. A similar picture emerges with the old Stereo 150 and Stereo 170, even if progress has passed these models at a much slower pace in the past. The Cube Action Team’s great successes with these models date back to when they were brand new. Manufacturers like Canyon, Santa Cruz or Propain already have enduro bikes with modern geometry and the latest gimmicks on offer. So of course, the question remains: Can Cube make up for lost ground with the new Stereo One models?
Cube Stereo One44 All Mountain
When relaunching its fully range, Cube didn’t forget that you also have to ride uphill with these bikes. The weights of the bikes are rather low across the board. ©: Manufacturer
Canyon Neuron
The Canyon Neuron or the YT Izzo, probably the strongest competitors of the Stereo One44 in the All Mountain sector, could also soon be updated. Both bikes are similar in age to the old Cube Stereo 140.

A positive trait: The weight of the new Stereo One fullys

All new product presentations have had an aftertaste lately. Nobody can reinvent the wheel. The times of the really big revolutions, like the 29er wheels around 2010 or the telescopic support in the 00s, are probably over. Some manufacturers, such as Cannondale, try to make the impossible possible with their Jekyll including modern high-pivot rear triangles, but usually only reach a very specific target group. The big innovations are done, but Cube has done its homework with the new Stereo One models. For the first time, the One44 and One55 come with a storage compartment in the down tube, as we have come to know them from Specialized or Trek. On the underside of the top tube, you can mount an additional bottle holder or a storage pouch. And the new geometries don’t shy away from comparisons with the competition either. In one thing, however, they are clearly reluctant to follow a trend. While the big bikes are getting heavier, the Stereo One models surprise with low weight specifications across the board. With this new development, Cube does not lose sight of the classic biker who might want to cross the Alps. Good to see! The design team can also be patted on the back for the uniform look of all Stereo One models. Not only does it look good, but it also shows that the bike industry is growing up. A corporate look like in the car industry suggests who the bicycle manufacturers is getting their inspiration from. In addition, all Cube One models now have a bolted BSA bottom bracket. Mechanics will be happy about this change. We didn’t just take a superficial look at the models for you, but each individual model with our unique test system.

The standards of the new Cube Stereo One fullys

All Cube Stereo One models have the following features
  • Storage compartment in the down tube
  • 4-link rear triangle
  • Sram UDH derailleur hanger
  • Wiring: integrated, through the headset
  • Bottom bracket: BSA (bolted)
Cube Stereo Enduro Bike
The old Stereo models left big shoes to fill. They made the enduro sport accessible to a broader mass of bikers at affordable prices and were also successful in the EWS. Both the old Stereo 140, the Stereo 160 and the Stereo 170 were successful in the series. Pictured is Grag Callaghan winning the EWS race in Ireland. ©: Claus Wachsmann
Danny Hart on the Cube Stereo One77
The whip is the signature move of Cube athlete and former DH World Champion Danny Hart. Even before the presentation of the new product, he took the Stereo One77 through its paces. In 2023, the Cube Action Team will be on the trail with this bike. ©: Manufacturer

The Cube Stereo One44 replaces the Stereo 140

As described above, the old Stereo 140 was showing its age. With the current One44, not only are the small 27.5 inch wheels history. The new 29er bike also has a complete carbon frame for the first time. An aluminum model or an aluminum rear end like the predecessor will no longer be available from 2023. With the new Sram UDH derailleur hanger, the bike is equipped for Sram’s upcoming direct mount offensive. The storage compartment in the down tube is now almost the benchmark in the industry. A direct comparison with the predecessor shows, that the geometry has become significantly longer and slacker. Contrary to what one might expect from the name of the model, the suspension travel on the fork and rear stays at 140 millimeters. The direct comparison: Cube Stereo 140 (old) VS Cube Stereo One44 (new) A closer look at the model range reveals that the Stereo One44 C:62 Race and the Stereo One44 C:62 Pro with prices under €4000 should appeal to many bikers. The SLT and SLX models with higher quality and therefore lighter C:68 frames are more expensive. Those who still mourn the loss of the small 27.5 wheels will find them in the Stereo One44 C:62 Pro. Only the smallest frame size (XS) comes with the smaller wheels. All other bikes from size S are available with the 29 inch wheels option only. All Cube Stereo One44 models at a glance

Cube Stereo One55 – reinterpretation of an enduro classic

The Stereo 150 was a bike that can take rough terrain and still come with a low overall weight. Nico Lau won the EWS in Scotland as a Cube Action Team rider on the forefather of this bike. André Wagenknecht became German Enduro Champion with the predecessor. So the footsteps that the Cube One55 model is following are big. Most recently, however, the somewhat classic geometry of the old Stereo 150 was criticised. With a modern longer-flatter approach, critics might cross one argument off their list. As with the Stereo One44, there is a storage compartment in the down tube, a UDH derailleur hanger and the bottle cage eyelets on the lower top tube. In addition, the cables run almost invisibly through the headset. We explain the advantages of this system using another bike in this video. By the way: The One55 is the only model where description actually corresponds to the rear suspension travel. Compared to the predecessor, the spring travel in the rear has actually increased by 5 millimeters. The fork stays with the established 160 millimeters of travel. Direct comparison: Cube Stereo 150 (old) VS Cube Stereo One55 (new) As with the One44, there are four models for the Cube One55. The cheaper SLX and Race models are also particularly exciting. With the slightly cheaper and therefore heavier C:62 frame, they remain in the attractive price range under €4000. The difference between the C:62 frames and the C:68 frames is mainly the heavier carbon fibres. Geometry and features such as the storage box remain untouched by the austerity measures. All Cube Stereo One55 models at a glance

For the rough stuff – the new Cube Stereo One77

With 170 millimeters of travel in the front and rear, it’s clear what the One77 models were designed for. With this bike, the Cube Action Team should win races and normal bikers should be able to shoot through rough terrain as they please.Occasional bike park use is definitely on the menu for this bike. In order to keep the frame construction as stable as possible, Cube does without the storage compartment in the down tube. Otherwise, the Stereo One77 comes with a UDH derailleur hanger, hardly visible cables and two mounting options for the bottle cage. So it has all the features of the One44 and One55 models. For the heavy hitters, Cube even has the option of installing a steel spring damper. There is also an extra attachment option on the rear triangle, which is a unique selling point in the new range. In addition to the Stereo One22 models, the One77 is also available in aluminum at a reasonable price. You can compare the aluminum and carbon models here. Direct comparison: Cube Stereo One77 Alu VS Cube Stereo One77 Carbon In the Stereo One77 lineup, the SLX model with Action Team livery immediately stands out. The TM (Trail Motion) version with steel spring dampers should also find some happy customers. The One77 only has an aluminum frame for less than €4000. All Cube Stereo One77 models at a glance

Conclusion on the new 2023 Cube Stereo One fullys

Cube has polished its mountain bike range with the new Stereo One models for the start of the season. With features such as the storage compartment in the down tube, the UDH derailleur hanger or the cables routed through the headset, the Bavarians bring their fullys up to date with the latest technology. Even if the prices rise due to inflation, the value for money remains very good compared to many of Cube’s competitors. Together with the new geometries and the new design language, the Stereo One models should be very popular on the market.
In this article, the author Ludwig Döhl has incorporated his experience from more than 100,000 kilometers in the mountain bike saddle.

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